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CMS Implementation & Maintenance

Connect Hearing Group & AudioNova / Sonova: Global Website Implementation & Maintenance

The Connect Hearing Group, Sonova's vertically integrated retail business, operates in 14 countries and is – with over 3'000 clinics – one of the largest hearing aid businesses globally. It’s clear that running marketing operations distributed globally over 24 time zones entails a certain complexity. Curve Interactions developed and released the country clinic websites in all countries and since the go-live is responsible for maintaining smooth operations around the clock.

The task at the beginning was clear: we had to create country-specific websites – with countries sometimes having individual functionality – that could be centrally managed and that looked the same, despite the retailers having different brandings. This meant we needed to develop the sites with country specific details in mind, while still ensuring global standards were met. We used the Django platform to create the necessary flexibility to adapt the individual sites to the specific requirements of particular markets, while allowing for engineering best practices and rapid development. Even while new roll-outs were underway, we incrementally developed and released additional features to all countries, keeping the sites fresh and always up-to-date with the latest technical requirements.

This is what we did

Required modules and functionality specifications

CMS development and application implementation

CRM / ERP integration for automated lead capturing and nurturing

Global maintenance setup & ticketing

Clinic Finder, indicating all clinics per country, including location-based search

Novel online Hearing Test application for lead generation

Today a total of 14 countries with 16 languages run this outstanding solution from Curve Interactions. It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway): websites of this size and importance need to be not only developed in a smart way, but also require efficient maintenance to ensure smooth operations. The websites, although centrally hosted and developed, are individually run by the Digital Marketing teams in their respective countries. To guarantee the utmost flexibility, Curve Interactions deployed a maintenance & ticketing system for each of the countries. The maintenance operations are directly managed individually for each of the 14 country sites by a highly competent and dedicated Curve Interactions maintenance team, operating the websites for many years now without any downtime.

Here's what we did for a few countries:


Website (Example)